[horde] Turba: how to add lists in list?

Soporte SCHOLEM soporte at scholem.edu.ar
Mon Apr 13 01:31:07 UTC 2020

Hello, group.
I need some help, please.

I have several lists of persons in Turba. All is ok here and I can  
send emails to persons and lists, because the lists are discomposed to  
their persons. Let's call *child* to this lists.
Here is my problem:
I need to create a main list containing several *child* lists. 
When I add *child* lists to a main, all seems to be ok: Looking turba,  
I can see each *child* inside the main list, and can see persons  
inside each *child*.
But when I write a new mail and select the main list in *to* field,  
nothing appears here. It seems IMP module cannot see lists inside  
Is this a bug? Do I have to configure someting special thing?

Horde 5.2.14
Turba 4.2.14

Thank you very much in advance
Best regards
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