[horde] horde.ajaxtimeout locked horde needed to clear cookies to gain access

Stuart Morrison sjm at sjmorrison.net
Wed Apr 22 23:01:04 UTC 2020


I have a fresh install (from pear) on a new Debian 10 install.
horde groupware 5.2.22
and I got this bug pop up:


It was in Chrome and I had left the machine for a while;  I had to clear
the cookies to get back to Horde.

I am not sure if it was related to the screen that I left it on.  I have
been trying to re-create it.

Not sure if I should file it as a bug, I had an older install that I did
occasionally see it on.  I tried to go around the backend I initially used
(because I thought it might be related to authenticating with IMP) although
there is a lot of fiddling around and even though Horde was authenticating
against the dovecot table with custom sql queries then IMP was not able to
authenticate - think I might be able to use a (post-authenticate?) hook
although I have to get a little clearer on exactly how that would work and
the options I have there.

Kind regards

Stuart Morrison

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