[horde] Install as non-privileged user?

Frank Lienhard frank at mclien.de
Sat Jan 2 13:12:36 UTC 2021

I need a bit more assistance, I guess, because I'm still not that
familiar with this.

asmentioned, this ist, what I get from my shared-hosting provider:
>> php: /usr/bin/php
>> php-pear: /opt/remi/php74/root/bin/

>> e.g. I got an error for "horde_lz4.so", because it san't be installed in
>> the above mentioned pear path.
> You can use a local pear config that points to your writeable space.

question is: Do I use as much as possible of the provided php-pear or do
I better make an complete pear installation in my home dir?
Like described here:

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