[horde] Problem when exporting e-mail through webmail

ANANT S ATHAVALE asa at ursc.gov.in
Sun Nov 21 13:45:49 UTC 2021

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Subject: [horde] Problem when exporting e-mail through webmail
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> Hello.
> I'm trying to export the e-mails of an inbox that has a size of 2.5GB.
> When I select the inbox and select export, the menu to select the mbox
> appears, I press ok and then it starts working on something and after 1 or
> 2 minutes nothing happens.
> Maybe it's because the mailbox it's too big to be exported. If so, can you
> suggest an alternative please?
> I found Systools Maildir Converter, but the trial version only allows you
> to convert 25 e-mails at a time.
> Thanks.
> Best regards,
> Ricardo Vilhena
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There is one parameter in php.ini something like maximum execution  
time.  It fails to export, if it exceeds that limit.  Make that limit  
-1 (unlimited temporarily) and restart web server.  This is based on  
my experience.  May not be the correct.  You may try it..

      सादर धन्यवाद/ Thanks & Regards
           अनंत / Anant

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