[horde] Question about shared mailboxes

Joseph Hogan jhogan at eco2.ca
Wed Mar 9 17:45:12 UTC 2022


Thanks for the reply.

The interface of the email application is a basic one. We are looking 
for somethign with more ways to organize, categorize and make notes on 
message.   Rainloop does not have this.

That is why I trying to find out more details about horde, and what is 
available for tagging or grouping messages together.   I even found 
interesting plug ins for Thunderbird that allows leaving notes on an email.

For Thunderbird, the tagging and notes are saved locally, and will not 
be shared by someone accessing it from their own computer.  THis is why 
i am looking at Horde.

I think that I saw the you can tag/categorize a message.

Are there notes available?

Other message features similar to this?



On 2022-03-09 08:59, Christian Schmidt wrote:
> Hello,
> Joseph Hogan, 07.03.22:
>> I am curious about Horde.  I have known about it for awhile, and a 
>> situation has come up where I need to share my email/calendar with an 
>> assistant who will manage my emails/calendar/to do list. But, I have 
>> nto found a
>> Can order use external address books/Calendars?   Mine are hosted on 
>> my Next Cloud installation.
> Nextcloud can share this data, too. I wonder if setting up a second 
> system makes much sense in this situation...
> Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind Regards
> Christian Schmidt

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