[horde] utf8 is not supported by MySQL

Arjen de Korte build+horde at de-korte.org
Tue Jul 26 15:45:00 UTC 2022

Citeren Ferdinand Gruber <fer.grub at yahoo.de>:

> I get this message utf8 is not supported by MySQL after login to my  
> horde site.
> This message appears after I upgraded from openSUSE 15.3 to 15.4.
> I suspect it has something to do with the database version
> In Suse 15.3 the MariaDB version was 10.6.16
> In Suse 15.4 the MariaDB version is 10.6.7
> I think this might be the reason of the error.
> What can I do?


    $conf['sql']['charset'] = 'utf8';


    $conf['sql']['charset'] = 'utf8mb3';

in your 'horde/config/conf.php' file.

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