[imp] heirarchy delimiter

zebee@mighty.com.au zebee@mighty.com.au
Mon, 27 May 2002 12:07:48 +1000

I'm using e-smith v5.1.2 which is using an old version of IMP, namely 2.2.7.

We want this to talk to a Eudora IMAP server running on a Mac, and indeed it does talk to it with one problem...


It doesn't handle folders.  I can't create them, and can't access the
sent-mail one.  I can see inbox and sent-mail in the left panel of the
folders page, but can't subscribe to them.  I can't create a new folder,
can't change to sent-mail folder.

I asked the Eudora people what was going on, and this was their reply:

	EIMS has always supported creating folders, however EIMS uses a
	different hierarchy delimiter to most servers (EIMS uses ":"), so
	clients that don't conform to the IMAP standard in this respect will
	have problems.

So... where is this delimiter, so I can change it?