[imp] Attachments are saved as view.*, bug?

Jan Schneider jan@horde.org
Mon, 27 May 2002 12:25:12 +0200

Zitat von Ahmed <ashihab@alcahest.com>:

> I've been noticing that any attachments, when downloaded or viewed the
> file 
> names are save as "view.*" eg view.pdf or view.ppt...etc. This is the
> same in 
> both browsers I've tried; MS IE 5.5 and Opera 6.02 under windows.
> The filenames in the attachments are correct and the message source is
> correct 
> (I've checked with outlook 2000). 
> Setup: Horde, IMP cvs as of 27.05.2002 9:00am GMT. using an SSL link for
> all 
> pages, web server is apache 1.3.22 (stock RH build)

There are a lot of problems with several IE versions, some are quirky some
are not.

Try commenting out line 125 (break_disposition_header) in lib/Browser.php
and see if it helps. 


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