[imp] Attachments are saved as view.*, bug?

Jan Schneider jan@horde.org
Mon, 27 May 2002 15:42:05 +0200

> We've been having terrible trouble at my institution with filesnames
> because
> we use lots of different versions of IE.  I actually read the RFC and
> found
> that using quotes was in fact breaking the rules, but what is interesting
> is
> how Hotmail does it.  Hotmail actually removes spaces in the filename
> (which
> is another way of solving the problem), but it also puts quotes around
> the
> filename.  Some of the headers are sent in a different order too which
> confuses matters, but heck, it seems to work with IE.
> Another point of interest is that IE 6 on Windows XP works differently to
> IE
> 6 on all other platforms with it's handling of files.  As a rule, until a
> certain patch was released (I'm not sure which one there are so many) IE
> 6
> randomly crashes on XP with "attachments".  Fortunately whatever patch we
> are on now has actually solved that problem.

Yes, IE is so inconsistent with the Content-Disposition headers between the
various versions, platforms and patch levels that I gave up fixing it. I
also run a fully patched IE6 on WinXP now and it seems to be the first
version that runs without any problems.

Btw. Mozilla is also driving me crazy as it ignores the file extensions
completly and adds its own guessed ones.


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