[imp] Re: Can't write to list

Jan Schneider jan@horde.org
Tue, 28 May 2002 10:22:35 +0200

Zitat von Harry Hoffman <hhoffman@titan.gcrc.upenn.edu>:

> Hi Jan,
>    Sorry about not writing directly to the list but my main mail server
> is
> down and this email addr. is not subscribed.
>    You had given me some ideas about how to distingush between servers in
> the function "imp_show_quota" which I've implemented. It works pretty
> well, thanks.
>    The reason that I'm writing is because now I'm setting up multiple
> backend IMAP servers that are all different versions. And it seems to me
> that perhaps the best way for IMP to handle them is to extended the
> "servers" array to allow for things such as "default admin/pass for
> quota", "default sent-mail folder", etc.
>    Right now things like the sent-mail folder are handled in prefs.php,
> which happens to be universal. But what happens when your multiple
> backend
> IMAP servers use different folder names for things like sent mail. It
> would be nice to not have to instruct the end user that they should set
> their sent mail folder
> to "Sent Items" if there are in Exchange.
>    Also, it would allow less "customized coding" on any particular
> administrator's part, especially an inexperienced php coder (read me). In
> addition since we are trying to run this from daily cvs updates it would
> be one less thing to worry about.
>    What do you think?

I can see, why this might be useful, but I don't think that server.php is
the right place.

Sent mail folders are stored in the identities and thus it only makes sense
to distinguish between servers from a server list if this preference is locked.

The best way to handle this would be to add a hook for sent mail folders
like we have them now for full names and from addresses. Perhaps it makes
sense to add a hook for all preferences that are stored in the identities.
Any opinions anyone on this?

Anyway, it should be easy for you to add such a sent mail hook if you look
at config/conf.php how we defined the other hooks and at
lib/Identity/IMP.php how we tie them into the identities. If you feel like
this would be useful for anyone else, submit a patch and we can put it on
the tree if it follows our coding standards.


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