[imp] Folders config 3.1

John Casebeer johny@dsx0.com
Tue, 28 May 2002 17:09:25 -0700

I have installed IMP 3.0 wit a courier--imap server. All tests 
(test.php) show good, I can login to the mailboxes and send and receive 
mail. I cannot, however figure out how users get to the prefs portion as 
there is no obvious link or anything. I had to click "blacklist" and 
then cancel to get to the preferences? I also cannot get the "folders" 
working. You just get an inbox?! I have played with the /imp/pref.php 
and done everything according to the limited documentation and I see no 
change. I also edited the /imp/config/servers.php and this seems to 
change nothing.
John Casebeer
RH 7.2
IMP 3.0
PHP 4.1.2