[imp] IMP with IMAP2001a c-client

Jan Schneider jan@horde.org
Wed, 29 May 2002 02:10:28 +0200

Zitat von Shawn Robinson <Shawn.Robinson@telus.com>:

> 1) ensure the OP_SILENT is set on all imap stream opens.

This sounds interesting, but this flag isn't mentioned in the php manual. I
didn't have the time to look inside the source code, but is it it defined

> 2) patch the php4*/ext/imap/php_imap.c mm_log() routine to eat errors
> 3) hack at the imap client lib to remove the errors

This is obviously no general solution. At least for this mailing list.

> 4) eat the errors after most/all imap calls in IMP. using imap_errors() ?

This function only returns the last error messages but doesn't prevent the
c-client from being so loud.


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