[imp] Save sent mail "error" in HEAD

Erik Slooff erik@slooff.com
Thu, 30 May 2002 11:07:56 +0200


I have HEAD (Horde: 3.0-cvs IMP: 4.0-cvs Turba: 2.0-cvs) running and get the 
following message which might confuse users. If for an identity the value 
for "Sent mail folder" is left to "None" but the option "Save sent mail" is 
checked you get the following message after sending a mail message:

The folder "" was not created. This is what the server said: Cannot create this 

Maybe a good idea to prevent users setting "Sent mail folder" to "None" 
when "Save sent mail" is active?

Apart from this HEAD is running quite stable for me.