[imp] Problems with Special characters / PGP

TiloLutz@gmx.de TiloLutz@gmx.de
Thu, 30 May 2002 13:54:31 +0200 (MEST)


Is it possible IMP has some problems with PHP 4.2.1?
I have some problems displaying speacial characters like
,,, (ä etc)
I have found 2 solutions:
1. Downgrade to PHP 4.1.2
2. Modify the file imp/lib/MIME/Viewers/text.php
   line 73 to: $charset =  Lang::getCharset();

Displaying PGP-Messages with IE6 doesn't work. After enter the PGP-Password
in the new window I get the following error (translated):
line1, character 16. Class doesn't support autoatisation.
URL: ../imp/pgp.php?actionID=14
Instead of the messagetext only "Object" is displayd as body.
With Opera everything works fine.

Is it possible signatures doesn't work at all?
The Compese-Windows gets closed without sending an email
or error-message.


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