Jean-Michel Besnard besnard@tekkno.net
Thu, 30 May 2002 09:36:02 -0700


have a look at ispman : www.ispnab.org and #ispman on irc.openprojects.net.
This project might help you doing this if you are not familiar to ldap/cyrus/postfix.


Quoting jamal.eddine.gam@ma.andersen.com:

> Hi everyone,
> Newby , I am looking to start using horde/IMP for web-mail, and to use
> Cyrus IMAP server & Ldap with postfix.
> Please, has anyone any experience with this sort of setup to share with me?
> Suggestions on gotchas, things to watch
> out for, and other general tips will be most appreciated.
> thanks in advance,
> J.E.Gam
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Q: What is the difference betwee open-source and commercial software? 
A: If you have a problem with commercial software you can call a phone 
   number and they will tell you it might be solved in a future version. 
   For open-source sofware there isn't a phone number to call, but you 
   get the solution within a day. 

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