[imp] Invalid "To:" field problem

Todd Aiken taiken@ubishops.ca
Thu, 30 May 2002 16:10:49 -0400

Yes I am sure, because I can go to any message that I've received 
before that is still in my new mail folder, edit it and remove the first part 
of the email address from the "To:" field, and then I won't be able to 
login to IMP.  Replace the first part and logins work again.

> Michael M Slusarz wrote:
> > Quoting Todd Aiken <taiken@ubishops.ca>:
> > 
> > | Had a user today complain that immediately after logging into IMP, he |
> > would get a "This page cannot be displayed" message from his web |
> > browser.  Traced it down to a SPAM mesage in his INBOX with the |
> > following invalid "To:" field: | | To: "@cs.com" <@cs.com> | | Our IMAP
> > server is able to handle this message, as I was able to move | it to my
> > INBOX and view it via my IMAP connection in Pegasus Mail, | but IMP
> > doesn't like it.  If I add something to the beginning of the | domain
> > name before the @ sign, such as <test@cs.com>, IMP then | accepts it.  
> > 
> > I can't replicate this behavior.  I know that Jan just committed some
> > patches to silence some IMAP errors so this may have solved this issue.
> Are you certain there's no unprintable character before the "@"
> (e.g., a control character)?  The Klez virus does stuff like that,
> the most common having the Return-Path: line contain "<CTRL-Ag>"
> (CTRL-A being a hex 1 or SOH character).
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