[imp] IMP and multiple IMAP servers

Harry Hoffman hhoffman@ip-solutions.net
Fri, 31 May 2002 08:30:48 +1200

Hi All,
 I'm writing to see if anyone has run into this problem and solved it in a 
fairly easy manner. I'm running Horde/Imp/Turba/Kronolith from cvs, updated 
nightly. We have one IMP webmail server and mulitple backend IMAP/Pop servers 
such as Cyrus, Courier, and Exchange.
 The problem that I'm facing is that all of these IMAP/POP servers use 
different default folders for things like INBOX, sent mail, drafts, and 
ability to retrieve quotas.
 Sometimes one user can have multiple accounts (for which fetchmail works 
nicely). The real problem is that each user will have to switch their prefs 
for basic things like "sent-mail", "drafts", etc.
 My original thought was to include these options in servers.php since it 
seems like they are specific to the IMAP/POP server and have IMP decide which 
to use as defaults based on the server. I still think that is probably the 
best idea.
 Has anyone else experienced this situtation? And if so how have you gone 
about dealing with it?


Harry Hoffman
University of Auckland
Systems Engineer

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