[imp] Php installation!!!!

Rich West Rich.West@divatv.com
Fri, 31 May 2002 09:35:56 -0400

If you have php installed as a DSO (as with the mod_php4 RPM 
installations and such), then, yes, you have to install the 'pear' 
libraries seperately.

Just grab the "pear" directory from the top level of the source tree of 
php, and copy that somewhere (/usr/local/lib/php isn't a bad choice). 
 You then have to install two of the pear modules (outlined in IMP's 
install docs).. basically, these two modules (which consist of about a 
dozen overall files) get placed inside the pear directory.

 From there, you just have to make sure that the pear directory is in 
the include_path, and you should be good to go..


sampath kumar wrote:

> Hi,
>         I have installed Php 4.1.2 recently on my
>system as a dynamic module in apache 1.3.24.
>         test.php has the path
> include_path = .:/php/includes:/usr/local/lib/php;
> but the imp is searching in
> /usr/share/php
> for Log.php. 
> why is it so????
> does pear has to be in a separate directory????
> what should my include_path be in php.ini ????
> my php files are located in 
> /usr/local/lib