[imp] what's new in IMP.php? Empty MailBoxes

Jan Schneider jan@horde.org
Sat, 1 Jun 2002 11:33:36 +0200

Zitat von Wilmer Geovanny <geov@tacteam.de>:

> Since a month ago I have an up and running CVS Horde.
> Now I have updated to the last CVS version and no mail is shown in none
> folder, althoug in the
> folders -list everyone has many new messages.
> Also I found that the problem is in the imp/lib/IMP.php file, because
> when I replace it with the old
> one, everything goes just fine.
> Is there something new I should check or configurate with this new
> version of IMP?

You need to be a bit more specific about what works and what not and what
configuration you have.

Do the folder view show correct names? Do the drop down list? How do the
value attributes in the drop down list look like? What happens if you open a
folder? What gets displayed (folder name, message count, ...)? How did you
configure servers.php? What server do you have? Are there any special
characters in your folder names or anything else unusual on you system? ....


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