[imp] logout takes me back to wrong login screen

Ahmed Shihab ashihab@alcahest.com
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 10:00:35 +0100


I have latest horde/imp cvs as of 8:00 (GMT). I've noticed that when I click 
the logout icon from IMP or the horde toolbar I get dropped into a login screen 
which is not my default one.

In my default login I've disabled all the fields apart from user name and 
password, I've also selected the 'light blue' theme for my entire site by 
default. This works fine when I try to get into the site for the first time in 
any one session.

When I logout, the login screen I'm presented with is the horde default with 
the color scheme set to horde-default (ie purple background) and screen has the 
language fields visible.

If I refresh the same URL I get the normal login screen and all is ok. login in 
through this "wrong" screen also works fine and drops me back to the site's 
default light blue theme.

I've checked all the relevant logs but nothing is reported.

This behaviour is the same in both MSIE5.5 and Opera 6.02

Any ideas? 

BTW: OS RH7.1, Apache 1.3.22 (stock redhat build)