[imp] Kronolith - Days of the week translation

Fábio Gomes flgomes@fazenda.sp.gov.br
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 17:04:16 +0000

Darci Tartari wrote:
 > Is there anybody who could tell me why kronolith is not translating the
 > days of the week to portuguese Brazil (pt_BR) when I am in the "work
 > week" view or "week"  view.
 > The strange thing is that when I am in the "month view" or "today view"
 > its working  !  I tried to look at messeges.po to find if there was any
 > translation missed but I had no success !
 > Also the names of months  are not translating even they are translated
 > in the pt_BR file. Is there any thing wrong with my installation ?
 > I am using horde 2.1, Imp 3.1, Kronolith 1.0, Turba 1.1 !
 > Thanks in advance !
 > Darci Tartari


	If you are running imp in a Solaris system, this problem relies on a 
Solaris bug on gettext. There's a Solaris patch for this problem.

	For Solaris 6 I installed the following Sun patch: 107719-02

	BTW, this is not only a Kronolith problem. This problem occurs with all 
programs using Solaris' gettext.

	Fábio Gomes

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