[imp] IMP with Courier Maildirs

David Coulson david@davidcoulson.net
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 02:28:39 +0100


I've been using IMP for a while, without any problems, along with 
uw-imapd. However, I have a box running Courier imapd, which uses 
Maildirs rather than mbox for storage.

IMP works fine, other than that the folder list only shows 'INBOX', when 
there are a number of different folders, including 'INBOX.Trash' and 
'INBOX.Test' on the server - I can only assume that this is causing 
problems due to the 'INBOX.' at the beginning which does not occur with 
mbox storage. I've checked using Mozilla, as well as a short PHP script 
which spits out all mailboxes the IMAP server (both using 
imap_listmailbox and imap_listsubscribed), which resulted in the correct 
mailbox information being returned.

Is this a common issue, or am I just not noticing a configuation option 
with IMP to fix this?


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