[imp] Imp 3.1 (final) bug with session expiring - fixed

Viljo Viitanen vviitane+mail.imp@mappi.helsinki.fi
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 18:39:30 +0300 (EEST)

Me a moment ago:
> Session expires (using urls - are cookie-based sessions gone?) -> new
> login is impossible. I suppose this is because the login form contains a
> reference to the expired session: 

I supposed wrong. When a session expires, clicking on an imp function (INBOX, 
Compose etc.) the following login fails, but clicking turba or kronolith icon, 
login is fine. In turba and kronolith the logins following an expired session 
are fine.

It would seem that Imp is missing an urlencode() function which is present in 
Turba and Kronolith. e.g. in mailbox.php, there's

header('Location: ' . Horde::applicationUrl(IMP::logoutUrl('login.php?url=' . 
Horde::selfUrl(), $reason), true));


header('Location: ' . Horde::applicationUrl(IMP::logoutUrl('login.php?url=' 
. urlencode(Horde::selfUrl()), $reason), true));


Viljo Viitanen