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Igor Stroh stroh@scan-plus.de
19 Jun 2002 18:24:53 +0200

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On Mit, 2002-06-19 at 17:00, Robert Fleming wrote:
> Quoting Igor Stroh <stroh@scan-plus.de>:
> > I wonder if anyone ever tried to convert mbox to M$ Outlook Express MBX
> > files? Since a whole bunch of people use Outlook Express as Mailclient
> > and there's no way to import a downloaded folder in MBOX format directl=
> > into Outlook it might be a feature that increases the popularity of
> > Horde/IMP even more :)
> Eudora (at least on the Mac side) uses mbox format for it's message store=
s.  Since
> Outlook Express supports importing mail from Eudora, you should be able t=
> import it from the mbox files you download.

Netscape does save it's mail in a mbox either afaik...

See, the problem is not what I am able to do, but rather what a standard
user can do :) The majority of those who use IMP as their mail-client
actually have also an M$-OE installed; additionally, they don't even
have a clue what an MBOX file is and don't want to know either. All they
want to do is to download a folder to their local disc and import it
into Outlook Express (after having visited several trainings on how to
import stuff with OE).


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