Fwd: Re: [imp] Slow LIST "" * in huge installations

Jan Schneider jan@horde.org
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 14:03:38 +0200

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 Betreff: Re: [imp] Slow LIST "" * in huge installations
      An: Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org>

Hi Jan!

> > Is there a possibility to configure IMP in the way that the command uses
> > "INBOX" instead of "" ? I didn't find an option that suits my
> > requirement.
> The 'folders' option in servers.php. If you set it, leave 'namespace'
> empty.
That's the option I was looking for (damn, I am really blind...). I 
tried "INBOX" and "INBOX.". Both causes a massive accelleration. But there is 
something strange:

Everthing works fine, but the Folderlist doesn't work. The page simply doesn't 
load; after 2 or 3 minutes my IE6 shows first a white screen (while still 
loading) and then shows the "Couldn't connect to website..."-message.

What makes me so confused is, that the folder-pulldown in the maillist contains 
all folders and works. My config seems to be alright then.

I tried to sniff the network-traffic, but there's nothing then the folders.php-

Do you have any idea?

My config:

- Debian linux woody
- apache 1.3.24
- PHP 4.1.2
- mysql 3.23.49
- mos imap backend (mirapoint)

THx in advance!


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