[imp] Pear 4.1.0 available at http://www.horde.org/pear/ does not work with Oracle

Miguel Ward mward@aluar.com.ar
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 08:51:25 -0300

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Oracle does not support more than 4000 bytes per string, you get an 'ORA-01704:
string literal too long'.

Until Oracle fixes this (or php/PEAR provide a workaround for this Oracle
limitation) there is no way you can send a string longer than this in one
operation. In my script just the same I use CLOBS hoping that in the future this
limitation is fixed. You can easily try this limitation by trying to save a
large 'signature'. Your /tmp/horde.log will report this error and you will get a
'DB Error: unknown error' at line 297 on screen.

I include my sql script to create horde and turba tables in Oracle with these
comments included as well as other pertinent instructions.

If you see any mistakes (or have additional comments) please let me know.


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Hey Miguel -

Do you use "clobs" for columns that would be mysql "text", or do you use
varchar2(4000)s?  We're using varchar2(4000)s, but have found situations
where those columns are getting filled (ie w/ people who *really* like
filter rules)...


On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:

> Quoting Miguel Ward <mward@aluar.com.ar>:
> > Also: I can forward my Oracle script for creating tables and could
> > include also instructions on how to get imp 3.1 working on Suse 7.2 if
> > there is any interest. If so please let me know who to send to.
> Oracle table creation scripts would be great! You can send them to this
> list, or preferably dev@lists.horde.org.
> -chuck
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