[imp] Delete/Undelete/Blacklist in IMP 3.x not working?

Kevin Monroe kevin@custom-tech.net
Sat, 22 Jun 2002 18:57:51 -0400


After upgrading my rpms from php-4.1.0 to php-4.1.2 (both from the horde ftp 
site), I've lost the ability to delete/undelete/blacklist from within 
mailbox.php (the main mailbox screen). These functions work perfectly while 
I'm reading a single message (from within messages.php), but not from the 
mailbox view.

I was using Horde 2.0 with IMP 3.0 and thought I may need to upgrade both of 
those. I patched both installations to 2.1 and 3.1 respectively with the 
patches available from the horde ftp site. I still cannot 
delete/undelete/blacklist from mailbox.php. Any ideas?