[imp] Migration of IMP filters to ingo (soon)

Andy andy at stronzo.d2g.com
Tue Jun 3 00:46:49 PDT 2003

Quoting Michael M Slusarz <slusarz at bigworm.colorado.edu>:

..... for helping me adapt ingo to non-sieve solutions, ...........

Which solutions are these? Could I run Ingo with i.e. imap-2001a-x.y.rpm? Would
be very nice because I am not willing to change imap to courier-imap or similar
and set up sieve.


> All,
> I am getting very close to to committing the code to HEAD that will remove
> all filter configuration code from IMP and transferring these
> responsibilities to ingo.  So this is forewarning for those using HEAD IMP
> that they will need to configure/setup ingo if they want to continue using
> filters in IMP.
> There will be little visible change to the end user in IMP.  The only
> difference will be in the filter/blacklist/whitelist preference page which
> will now be handled by ingo (or, more accurately, whatever application is
> set up to handle each of these - for example, spamassassin could handle the
> blacklist/whitelist and ingo could handle rules.)  And the 'apply filter'
> icon, and the 'filter on refresh/login' options will still be handled by
> IMP.
> See: http://bigworm.colorado.edu/imp/filterprefs.png
>      http://bigworm.colorado.edu/imp/ingo.png
> this new code promises to be much more flexible and easier to add
> functionality to in the future, not to mention that IMP will now be more
> fully integrated with procmail or sieve filtering (as opposed to being
> locked in to simply imap client-side filtering).
> To prepare for the move, I have created a script in the ingo/scripts
> directory that can be used to export IMP filters into ingo.  I have tested
> it with my current HEAD filter set and it seems to be working fine.
> However, it has not been tested with IMP 3.x style filters so testing will
> be greatly appreciated (this script does NOT destroy your old imp filters
> so it should be free to play around with).  Note that this script is only
> designed to work with SQL storage based solutions - I have no idea if it
> will work with LDAP at all (probably not).
> Comments/concerns would be great.  The IMP code is mostly done - it is what
> I am using to filter mail as we speak.  However, I am going to play around
> with it for a while longer to see if I can squash most major bugs before
> finally committing.
> Thanks go out to Mike Cochrane for creating the ingo filtering system, Brent
> Nordquist for helping me adapt ingo to non-sieve solutions, Jan for
> constantly fixing "stuff" I break :), and everyone else that has helped to
> develop/test ingo.
> michael
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> Michael Slusarz [slusarz at bigworm.colorado.edu]
> The University of Colorado at Boulder
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