[imp] Problem with attachments - recipient cannot read attachements

Kim Hoffman khoffman at uwo.ca
Tue Jun 3 18:39:07 PDT 2003

I have upgraded from 

redhat  7        8          9
horde   2.1      2.1.3      2.2.3-1
imp     3.1      3.1.2      3.2.1
turba   1.1      1.1-2      1.2-1
apache  1.3.23   2.0.40-8   2.0.40-21
php     4.1.2    4.2.2      4.2.2-17

I have no difficulties with attachements in Redhat 7 but
with Redhat 8 and Redhat 9 I have two problems with

- whenever I attached more than one file it would 
  show that it had attached 2 copies of the first 
  file and 1 copy of the second.  On receving the
  message, the user does only see two files attached.
- however, if the file is a Microsoft Word or Excel
  file (did not try the other Microsoft products
  like PowerPoint) the user cannot open the attached
  file in Word or Excel.

Kim Tan Hoffman
Information Technology Services
University of Western Ontario
London Ontario
Phone:  519 6612111-x86008

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