[imp] using mysql for authentication

ian turley ianturley at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 4 01:36:07 PDT 2003


I am in the process of setting up and testing the
system but currently just use standard linux
passwords.  I want to switch to using mysql.  Can
anyone give me details on how to do this?  

I am using the following:
Horde: 2.2.3 
IMP: 3.2.1 (run IMP tests) 
Turba: 1.2 
Kronolith: 1.1 
Mnemo: 1.1 
Nag: 1.1 
Passwd: 2.2 
Accounts: 2.1 
Forwards: 2.2 
Vacation: 2.2 

with postfix as the mailserver running imp with smtp.

Any help would be appreciated


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