[imp] [CVS] Courier quota driver changes (+ patch)

Sander Dalemans sander at gamerszone.nl
Wed Jun 4 05:30:22 PDT 2003


I made a few little changes to the courier quota driver. The driver included in
IMP CVS HEAD version didn’t work (for me). The first thing is the ‘ROOT’ value
for imap_get_quotaroot this returns the following error:

Warning: imap_get_quotaroot(): c-client imap_getquotaroot failed in
/blah/blah/quota_test.php on line 7

I’ve changed it to ‘INBOX’ and now it works correctly. I’ve also changed the

if (is_array($quota) && !empty($quota)) {

into this:

if (is_array($quota)) {

Because the function imap_get_quotaroot returns an empty array when the user
don’t have a quota limit. Otherwise this user gets an ‘Unable to retrieve
quota’ message.

Ok, (Chuck ?,) you can find a patch file here:
http://horde.gamerszone.nl/patches/quota-courier/imp-quota-courier.patch (I
hope it works) :). I’m sorry I didn’t make a patch file for that jonah fix...

With kind regards,

Sander Dalemans
e: sander at gamerszone.nl

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