[imp] [CVS] Courier quota driver changes (+ patch)

Sander Dalemans sander at gamerszone.nl
Wed Jun 4 06:38:14 PDT 2003

Quoting Rick Romero <rick at havokmon.com> (Wed, 04 Jun 2003):
> This doesn't.  If I change the 'if' to what you have, I don't get quota
> displayed at all.  If I change the ROOT to INBOX, and leave the if
> statement, it seems to work fine.
> But I don't have users with NOQUOTA set..

... What software versions are you using? I'm running Courier-IMAP 1.7.3 (with
MySQL) and PHP 4.3.2 with c-client imap-2002c1.

When a user is using IMP with a quota limit it's showing the quota information,
if the user has no limit it shows no limit and when i change the configuration
so it can't get the quota information the 'Unable to retrieve quota' message is
shown... Maybe we use different versions?


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