[imp] Handling multipart/related messages with imp

Francois Cusson-Lafrenaye cusslaff at sv.qc.ca
Thu Jun 5 08:54:13 PDT 2003


I need your help to configure imp to handle "multipart/related" messages. I
have try the following in horde/imp/config/mime_drivers.php but it still
doesn't work for me :

$mime_drivers_map['imp']['registered'] = array(
	'text', 'html', 'enriched', 'images', 'related');
$mime_drivers['imp']['related']['inline'] = true;
$mime_drivers['imp']['related']['handles'] = array(

Also, in imp/view.php, when I try to view the message, I've got this error

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in
/[...]/horde-2.2.3/imp-3.2.1/view.php on line 79

This line is : $viewer = &MIME_Viewer::factory($ob);

I'm using Horde version 2.2.3 and Imp version 3.2.1. I haven't find any
answer to this problem but if there's already one on the net, please give me
the link!

Thank you very much!

Francois from Montréal, Québec!

 Francois Cusson-Lafrenaye, ing.
 Ingénieur en informatique / Seconde Vision
 Email: cusslaff at sv.qc.ca
 Web: www.sv.qc.ca

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