[imp] Re: Migration of IMP filters to ingo (soon)

Ruben van der Steenhoven ruben_donotspamme at webmeesters.net
Fri Jun 6 02:56:27 PDT 2003

Thanks Michael, but that didn't work alas. I just don't seem to get the 
filter icon back on.
I just did my daily CVS (HEAD) update, but that didn't do the trick either.

Michael M Slusarz wrote:
> Quoting Ruben van der Steenhoven <ruben_donotspamme at webmeesters.net>:
> | Hi Michael,
> |
> | can you tell me if i can still have the possibility to run the filters
> | AFTER reading my e-mail? I had the habit of reading my mail, and then
> | use some 40 filter-rules to archive mails in their respective folders.
> | Now, i miss the filter icon in IMP.
> You will want to uncheck both 'filter on login' and 'filter on INBOX view'
> in the filters preferences.  If 'filter on INBOX view' is off, the small
> filter icon will appear on the mailbox bar (next to the refresh icon) when
> accessing your INBOX.  Click on that icon to run your filters.
> michael
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> Michael Slusarz [slusarz at bigworm.colorado.edu]
> The University of Colorado at Boulder

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