[imp] Getting more "no pgpPublicKey" messages than before

Rick Emery rick at emery.homelinux.net
Fri Jun 6 11:31:23 PDT 2003

I'm using CVS HEAD updated this afternoon, with pgp.mit.edu as my pgp key
server. Until a few weeks ago, I almost never got the "No pgpPublicKey entry
found" message when viewing an email signed with pgp. When I did get the
message, a search of the key server revealed no key.

But lately, I noticed I've been getting a lot more of the "No pgpPublicKey
entry" messages. Some have no key on the key server, but I've had a few that
have (for example, a posting to the BugTraq list this morning from
security at linux-mandrake.com; these always came up valid before, and a search at
pgp.mit.edu revealed a key). I changed my key server to the default
(search.keyserver.net), but still get a message that no entry was found (there
is one there for security at linux-mandrake.com as well).

I didn't remember any commits that I though would affect this, and quickly
scanned the mailing list archives for the cvs list but didn't find anything.

Any ideas?


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