[imp] Can't get Ingo to do my filtering

Dan Wilson dan at acucore.com
Fri Jun 6 23:37:24 PDT 2003

I just updated to CVS HEAD and can't seem to get Ingo to filter anything.  I've
also been unsuccessful at converting my old filters to the new Ingo style. So I
tried to create a new rule through the Ingo interface (which seems powerful). 
But it won't even apply that new filter.

I've got 'Apply filter rules upon logging on?' and 'Apply filter rules whenever
INBOX is displayed?' checked on, but still nothing.

I'm not using procmail or Sieve... just imap filtering.  I really, really need
my filtering to work... I get way too much Spam to have it not toss those out
for me.

What additional information do you need to help me troubleshoot this?


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