[imp] Fetchmail issues

EB horde at rnet-tech.com
Mon May 10 09:32:00 PDT 2004

> This is your browser auto-filling the login credentials. If you look
> at the
> page's html source, you'll see that the username and password fields
> will
> indeed have the correct values set, it's just that your browser
> overwrites
> it.
> Jan.

Indeed it is correct in the source!  Thanks.

The next problem I have with fetch mail:

I click on 'Accounts' and then 'Fetch Mail' but instead of doing that, it takes
me to a login screen, with the left frame still active.  Even though the login
works according to horde.log, it returns me to the same login.

I searched the archive and I found that the cookies path needs to be set
correctly, but it appears that it is.

Anything else I can try?



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