[imp] Multiple Domains

Jan Tammen jan at tammen.net
Thu May 13 05:36:42 PDT 2004


I'm trying to offer webmail for different users in different domains (I'm using
"virtual domains" with Postfix, Cyrus IMAP, the accounts are stored in a
database using webcyradmin) on one server / IMP intallation.

Currently, I've got the following setup:

http://webmail.domain1 - this is the "main"-domain.
A User user1 can log into the application there and mail correctly is sent as
coming from "user1 at domain1".

But now I've got users whose mail-addresses are e.g. user2 at domain2 or
user3 at domain3.
When they log into IMP via webmail.domain1 and send mail, it seems to origin
from user2 at domain1, which is obviuosly due to the "maildomain"-entry in the

If I set up webmail.domain2 and webmail.domain3, I could use different
server-entries to correctly set the "maildomain". But then users could still go
to webmail.server1, log in and send mail under an invalid address. The same
problem would exist with a server-selection on the login-page.

What I basically want:
- Have one login-page / installation for all domains
- After logging in, I would have to lookup the users' address and then
set the "maildomain" (if it differs from the "main"-domain)

Any hints for that?

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