[imp] CVS HEAD mail body encoding problems

Daniel Eckl daniel.eckl at gmx.de
Thu May 13 11:01:22 PDT 2004

Zitat von Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:

> Zitat von Daniel Eckl <daniel.eckl at gmx.de>:
>> Hi list!
>> I noticed two encoding problems in IMP cvs HEAD.
>> First one:
>> If I send a message and the message is being encoded in
>> quoted-printable, any line breaks are encoded with "=0A" and no real
>> line break. I compared with kmail, which encodes line breaks with =20
>> and a real line break.
>> While most mail programs decode =0A correct (tested with IMP of course
>> and Outlook and kmail), some others like Eudora have problems with that
>> and don't show any line breaks at all. (very bad...)
> Fixed in CVS.

I'm sorry but I have to tell you, that I don't see any difference.

I updated horde and imp, framework and my pear.

There is no difference.

I include a german umlaut here, so this mail should be encoded quoted
prontable and you can see by yourself at the message source.

=> ä


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