[imp] warning generated in imp options

EB horde at rnet-tech.com
Sat May 15 07:10:14 PDT 2004

Quoting chuck <chuck at horde.org>:
> Quoting EB <horde at rnet-tech.com>:
> > I did another update today.  Still no change.  I went ahead and reconfigured
> > both horde and imp even though they both say 'Application is ready.'
> >
> > No effect.  Anything else I should try?
> prefs.php
> -chuck

Ok, replaced imp/config/pres.php with the dist.  I can now get to the personal
informaion window.  However, when I click on "Alternate IMSP Login" from the
"personal information" window, I get this:

Notice: Undefined index: imspauth in
/var/www/html/mail/horde/templates/prefs/begin.inc on line 8
	<< S/MIME Options | Personal Information >>

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
/usr/share/pear/Horde/Prefs/UI.php on line 202


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