[imp] Issue with folder view and sidebar

Dan Brown dan at familybrown.org
Mon Sep 6 10:12:29 PDT 2004


I'm running the latest CVS (as of a few hours ago) HEAD of horde and imp. 
I've recently encountered two issues which appear similar, if not related. 
First, in the sidebar folder view, new message counts are not shown for
folders which contain subfolders.  Since all my folders are subfolders of
INBOX, this means I don't see when I have new messages in INBOX.

Second, in the Folder Navigator, the same thing happens (no message counts
for folders that contain subfolders).  In addition, those folders (like
INBOX in my system) are not shown as links--that is, I can't click on them
to view the folder contents.  That isn't critical, I guess--I can get to
them through the sidebar, or through the "open folder" drop-down, but it
seems odd.

Don't know if it matters, but I'm using dovecot as my IMAP server.  I looked
through the options screens to see if this was a preference I needed to set,
but I couldn't find anything.  This seems to have started within the last
few days or so.  Any ideas what could be wrong?

Dan Brown, KE6MKS, dan at familybrown.org
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