[imp] line 333 in lib/Prefs/sql.php DB Error

Jochen Roderburg Roderburg at Uni-Koeln.DE
Tue Sep 7 07:02:06 PDT 2004

Zitat von Jochen Roderburg <Roderburg at uni-koeln.de>:

> Zitat von Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:
> >
> > $ pear update DB
> >
> And even if it were there, it would not help much, as I already use the
> separate
> Pear library v1.1 from the Horde FTP-Site with Horde/Imp. I had already
> earlier
> tried out the newer version 1.3 from the Horde site, but that does not work
> at
> all here, it seems to need a newer PHP version than we have (PHP 4.1.2).

I have meanwhile made a few more investigations in this case. I tested various
Pear-DB versions from pear.php.net with the following results:

All versions upto 1.5.0RC2 (Sep 2003) work with PHP 4.1.2, but produce the error
reported with the new Horde 2.2.6.
Later versions, which could be suitable for Horde 2.2.6, need at least PHP

The problem lies in a little PHP function named "is_a" which was introduced in
PHP 4.2.0 and seems to get used more and more in newer Pear modules.
In Pear-DB it is used in 3 places. For a test hack, I changed these calls back
to the older versions and all errors disappeared.
But this is certainly not a clean solution :-(

I can not decide if the changes in Horde 2.2.6 are so important that these
changed dependancy is necessary. If you decide so, you should not forget to
mention in the final Horde 2.2.6 release that it now needs at least PHP 4.2.0
and a recent Pear collection like the pear-1.3 from your website.

In a medium time frame this particular problem will also disappear here, as we
are planning to move all our web systems to newer systems with Apache2 and
recent PHP4, but for the moment we have to live with the standard PHP (4.1.2) on
our current machines.

Regards, J.Roderburg

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