[imp] Re: Patch for mbox downloads in IMP 3.2.5

Ross Becker ross at rbecker.org
Wed Sep 8 14:37:27 PDT 2004

Only one reason- ignorance ;)

I'm old-hand programmer, but far less old-hand at PHP. I used mod_perl 
to do web development for quite a number of years.

I'm sure it will only take me a short bit to pull CVS HEAD and apply 
these changes there. I'll update it to use fpassthru() at the same time.


Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
> Quoting Ross Becker <ross at rbecker.org>:
>> I've patched IMP 3.2.5 to use a tmpfile() stream for generating mboxes
>> for download- this way they're automatically removed if the PHP process
>> goes away for an unexpected reason.  It gets a tmpfile, generates the
>> mbox from the folder into that, returns the file handle, then seeks to
>> the end and uses ftell() to find the size of the stream, and then does
>> 8k blocks to deliver this to the user. This prevents large mail folders
>> from blowing up PHP's memory size. I've generated a unified diff of my
>> changes- is there any interest in this patch for going into CVS?
> It'd be best if it was against CVS HEAD, but it's an interesting idea. 
> I've been
> looking at Zend Download Server as well; I may write a class for 
> wrapping either
> this behavior or ZDS.
> Btw, any reason you didn't use fpassthru()?
> -chuck
> -- 
> "Regard my poor demoralized mule!" - Juan Valdez

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