[imp] address book -> compose window

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Wed Sep 8 19:20:46 PDT 2004

Quoting Rong-En Fan <rafan at csie.org>:

>> The more I think about this, the more it seems like we ought to 
>> store the actual addresses vs. what we display to the user 
>> seperately, and pre-encode
>> individual addresses so that we don't have to worry about all this.
> When I went home last night, I thought about doing this way.
> If users selects addresses from addres books, it is ok.
> But if they enter it manually, we can not do this pre hand.
> Have any idea to solve is?

We'll have to do some on-the-fly parsing, or perhaps to have an
RFC822_split-like function. Speaking of which, could you take a look at the
_rfc822Explode() function from:


... and see if that might solve some of the (PHP-side, at least) problems?


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