[imp] Attachment corruption problem

Daniel A. Ramaley daniel.ramaley at DRAKE.EDU
Tue Apr 25 10:01:42 PDT 2006

On Tuesday 25 April 2006 11:09, Jan Schneider wrote:
>Your browser is sending the wrong mime type when uploading the
>attachment, probably text/plain.

After some more testing, i have found your statement to be correct. Most 
attachments sent through Imp are base64 encoded. The problematic file, 
however, comes through as quoted-printable and becomes corrupted. When 
the same file is sent through Yahoo (using the same web browser) it is 
base64 encoded and is not corrupted.

Is there a way to tell Imp to always use base64 encoding for 
attachments, like the major web mail providers do? I just tested, and 
Yahoo for example uses base64 even on plain text files.

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