[imp] Having a problem with deleting messages

J Bell jbell at ksu.edu
Tue Jul 24 15:01:32 UTC 2007


   Sorry for the previous post - too many e-mail windows open :)

   We have been running horde/imp for several years and are working on a new roll out 
before school starts again (meaning time is running out!).  We currently are working with 
the following versions:


   A problem that I can not track down exists with deleting messages.  After first logging 
in we try to delete a message by selecting the message & then using the delete option. 
The message is copied to the trash folder but the original remains visible in the Inbox 
(no cross out or other indication that it was flagged for deletion).  It is possible to 
'delete' the message several times and then at some irregular point the Inbox refreshes 
correctly and removes it.  After this all other deletes work as expected (copy to trash 
and remove reference from open folder).  This can be duplicated by moving to any other 
folder or by moving back and forth between folders.

   This has to be something simple but I'm not finding it.  Any suggestions?

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> Zitat von horde-help at dglnet.com.br:
>> Hello All,
>> I appreciate if anyone could help me.
>> On Horde/Imp system when I receive an email with MS-WORD or MS-EXCEL file
>> attached I cannot read the email.
>> I can see the email on In Box, however if I click on email an empty white
>> screen appears and nothing happens.
>> With another file extensions the error doesn?t happen.
>> I already tried modify the files without success, inserting and deleting
>> the msword/msexcel lines on files below:
>> /etc/psa-horde/horde/mime_drivers.php
>> /etc/psa-horde/imp/mime_drivers.php
>> /etc/psa-horde/horde/mime_drivers.php
>> /etc/httpd/conf/magic
>> I forgot an important information:
>> The Horde/imp system is running on Plesk v7.5.4 system on Virtuozzo
>> environment
>> Please, I will be glad if anyone could help me.
>> Best regards,
>> Rodrigo
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> Jan.

J Bell
Kansas State University
jbell at ksu.edu

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