[imp] Last Login Problems

Bubuk Gabrok bubuk.gabrok at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 1 08:59:43 UTC 2008

I must have accidently deleted this post. So I have to
copy paste it in a new post. Sorry  
Zitat von "James S. Hayasaka" <jamesh at us.fujitsu.com>:

> Hi All,
> I'm having a problem with the dreaded "Last Login:
Never" symptom. I
> checked the FAQ as well as chasing a number of red
herrings, and I still
> can't make it work. We're running horde 3.1.5 with
imp 4.1.5.
> Authentication is handled via IMP IMAP login, and
preferences are stored
> in LDAP. Everything works fine - users are able to
set preferences,
> create filters, etc. Their last login times just
don't update. This is a
> fresh installation, and we have not done any version
migration - so the
> issue with needing to delete any legacy hordePrefs:
> attributes is not applicable. (I deleted mine, and
it was recreated with
> the default "YTowOnt9" string the next time I logged
> We have three front-end systems behind an f5 load
balancer. Each mounts
> the mail spool, and runs a local IMAP process
(dovecot), as well as
> running an LDAP instance that is updated from a
master server (none of
> the horde components are set up to use these local
servers, but I
> thought I would mention it). IMP for each host is
set to authenticate
> off of its local IMAP server. Preference updates
write to the master
> server, a separate non-load balanced LDAP server. As
I said, all other
> preferences seem to be fine. The fact that horde can
create the default
> "hordePrefs: last_login" attribute makes me think
it's probably not an
> LDAP ACL issue.
> I've gone through the horde.log (no errors), the
slapd.log (no
> failures), and the httpd/error.log (no errors).

I can only imagine this failing in two places: either
a wrong value is  
passed to the last_login preference (unlikely). This
happens in  
lib/Horde/Auth.php in setAuth(), and you could easily
track this.
Or the writing to the ldap server fails in this single
case, or more  
precisely: when writing the prefs to the server, it
doesn't pick up  
the change last_login preference. This happens in  
lib/Horde/Prefs/ldap.php in store(). It's a bit harder
to track down  
because the method is run during the script shutdown.



And I am having this EXACT problem too. Am using
Horde (horde)  3.1.7 with Mail (imp) H3 (4.1.6).

These were just installed today. Everything works fine
except the Last login stuff. It always showed: Last
login: Never

Any lead on this ?  TIA.


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