[imp] Limiting # of recipients per time period

Chris Lafty clafty at stlawu.edu
Wed Aug 20 14:59:23 UTC 2008

A client's account became compromised and a spammer sent out over 4,000 
messages before I got in Monday morning and saw that my spam alert 
script detected the incident.  I wrote a script because this is the 5th 
or 6th time this has happened.  One of the new features of IMP is the 
ability to limit the number of recipients over a time period.  I've set 
this up.  However, I don't see where you can set the actual limiting 
numbers.  I see "limit_period" and "threshold" which is the # of days we 
keep old log entries. 

How does this work?

I found a mention of max_recipients and max_timelimit perm in 

Is there a document out there I can read.  I've been search for too long.



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