[imp] IMP performance and message display

Andrew Morgan morgan at orst.edu
Mon Mar 23 20:17:19 UTC 2009

On Sun, 22 Mar 2009, Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:

> Quoting Janne Peltonen <janne.peltonen at helsinki.fi>:
>> I'm not. But mm, the queries used in say, shares, use searches based on
>> bitwise fields etc... So if a read is going to take a couple minutes to
>> complete because no indices can be used because the queries are coded
>> against all cautions in the database server documentation, it's not much
>> use splitting writes anywhere else.  The read takes a long time even
>> with no writes. (This is why everything that needs shares is mostly
>> disabled here.)
> This is a known issue, fwiw:
> http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/7363

This may be the source of some of your problems, Janne.  I ran into this 
problem last fall and switched back to the Datatree for shares, with some 
patches to improve Datatree performance.

>>> memcached is the perfect solution for Horde-type caching.  At this point
>>> I can say that if you are a large installation and are not using memcache
>>> (or a similar solution) for caching, you are probably doing caching wrong
>>> (ask Facebook - without memcache, it would not be able to run period.)
>> OK, another point to try. Thanks. Would this be faster than the file
>> based caching we're currently using? Sounds improbable, but.
> Yes, memcache is definitely faster than fs-based caching if set up well.

Also, DO use memcache as your session handler.  Trying to store sessions 
in MySQL with Horde3 is a major performance killer.


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