[imp] attached files and mime_drivers

LALOT Dominique dom.lalot at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 16:41:54 UTC 2009


I noticed a strange behaviour. But I don't understand exactly when it
behaves differently.

On some mails attachments, I got two links in the body, one to view using a
mime-driver (opening a new window), another to download (that's what I
In some others, I see directly a .doc msword file, but there is no more link
in the body.

I have to say that all the links are present in the header, but I suppose it
will be easier for our people to have also those links in the body. Why do
they disappear sometimes?

// how do we display alternative mime parts?
$_prefs['alternative_display'] = array(
    'value' => 'below',
    'locked' => true,
    'shared' => false,
    'type' => 'enum',
    'enum' => array('above'   => _("Above the message text"),
                    'below' => _("Below the message text"),
                    'none'   => _("Not at all")),
    'desc' => _("Where do you want to display links to alternative formats
of a message?"));

// how do we display attachments?
$_prefs['attachment_display'] = array(
    'value' => 'both',
    'locked' => true,
    'shared' => false,
    'type' => 'enum',
    'enum' => array('list'   => _("Listing in the Header"),
                    'inline' => _("Display in Body of Message"),
                    'both'   => _("Both Header Listing and Body of
    'desc' => _("How do you want to display attachments?"));

Dominique LALOT
Ingénieur Systèmes et Réseaux

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